General Terms Of Use


  1. WifiJP (as part of Bertrand Co.) provides a mobile broadband modem (“Pocket Wifi”) rental service to customers looking for an internet connection while staying in Japan.
  2. The current agreement is set for a fixed period according to user’s S/E date selection at the reservation time.
  3. The customer undertakes to strictly follow the Terms Of Use and connect the “Pocket wifi” solely for private use.
  4. Rental price includes the daily fees for internet access and device shipping/returning costs (inside Japan).
  5. The customer commits himself to return the device in a proper working condition.
  6. In the event of loss or theft of the device, the customer shall reimburse its price (¥25,000).
  7. The customer must commit to a standard use of “Pocket Wifi” service, in compliance with Japanese laws. Fraudulent usage such as illegal downloading is prohibited. Wifi JP hereby reserves the right to notify Japanese authorities of any offense or breaking of the mentioned rules.
  8. Japanese Laws fully apply to this contract.
  9. By subscribing to WifiJP service, you agree to comply with the above conditions and terms.